DJ Music Request

Please let us know what music you'd like to hear at our 50th class reunion!

The only directive the DJ has is to :

- Play songs primarily from 1965-1975.  However, any song can be requested, regarldess of release date.

- Play a mixture, a variety of popular music from: pop/rock/country/Motown.

- Play a mixture of "fast" and "slow" songs.

- Play songs that classmates request.

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Per Phil Knighten, our DJ, the best way to request songs is do to it in advance, before the reunion.

That way, he can try to make sure it is available in his digital inventory.

Currently, we have two methods to do a DJ music request.

Method One:

Complete the following form.  It will notify me. I will complete the second method, below.
Method one is quick / easy!  Enter up to three songs per form.  Multiple request forms are fine.


Method Two:

Use Kenyatta's Sound web site. Choose one song at a time. However, this method is very flexible.

There are multiple options to search/filter a database of artists and song titles.  You can search by performing artist name. You can search by song title.  You can get a list of the top songs from a year or decade.  And then easily pick from the list. You can listen to samples of any song.  I have used Method Two.  It is nice, fun!

Method Two Link: Click Here (Kenyatta's Sound)

Group Name: CCHS1969Reunion

Password is not required.

Enter the six digit numeric code, as prompted.

Then, you will see the main request page:

What songs did you enjoy at Teen Tavern? Who were your favorite performers? Did you see any national groups, that you enjoyed at the Surf, Electric Park, a NIACC concert, the State Fair, college venues, etc.?

Your memories, your music.

"Some dance to remember, some dance to forget".  Eagles: Hotel California