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Please let us know if your mailing address or email address changes! Your information will not be shared!  Please contact Nancy Schmitt[email:  phone:  641.330.6303]

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Interactive pin map.  Classmate name/city/state/zip/country data used.  However, no street addresses (phone numbers or email addresses) are used.  3/3/19: Yearbook graduation pictures have been added!  
Map recently updated, check your data.
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Tribute Slideshow Video

Tribute Video Software Update:
  For many years, I used Picassa 3 (and its predecessors).   Google discontinued Picassa in March 2016.  With no updates, enhancements or support available, I was often frustrated when I encountered issues.  I got to a point, about two months ago, where I could not update the Picassa tribute slide show (long story). I would have to recreate the slideshow from scratch!   At that point, I decided to look for a new software product.  I chose PhotoStage Slideshow Producer from NCH Software.  It is a much more flexible / robust product than Picassa, for creating slideshows!  In redesigning the slideshow, I decided to slimplify it, a bit.

For now, we will try both an mp4 video version and a YouTube version featuring Josh Groban, Bridge Over Troubled Water.

Current Tribute Slideshow Versions

mp4 videos:

04Feb21 Tribute slideshow [New Window]

New mp4 in-line version (similar to YouTube).
                    Click on image to start.

YouTube version: 04Feb21
[If there any audio/music issues with the YouTube version, it is related to copyright issues.]

Photo request:  If you have a picture of Dale Holm or Jo Ann Bouillion Schmidt  (circa 1968-1969), please give it to Nancy Schmitt or send it to Jim Biwer.